Frequently Asked Questions

What does your kitchen "area" consist of?
Our kitchen area is not a full working kitchen. It has lots of storage and prep space. It consists of a refrigerator/ freezer and large utility sink. It does not have any cooking equipment.

Is there any way to cook at Michael's Landing?
We have a bbq grill located outside on our patio. All you have to do is supply your own charcoal.

Can we set up the day/ night before our event?
No, sorry all set up and clean up is to be done during your lease time.

Are the time slots firm?
Our time slots are firm. It gives Michael's Landing the availability to book more than one event in one day.

Can we add on more time to our time slot?
Yes, you can book additional hours to your time slot.
Sunday through Friday morning until 3:00 and Saturday morning until 3:00 any additional hour is a $100.
Friday after 3:00 additional hour is $150, and Saturday after 3:00 additional hour is $200.

What does the clean up consist of?
During your lease time you are responsible to clean up. Everything you bring into the banquet hall must be removed by the end of your lease time. If you drop it, it must be picked up. If you spill it, it must be wiped up.

What if we don't want to clean?
You can hire Michael's Landing to clean after your event. 5 hour event is $100 anything over 5 hours is $200.

Can I bring in my own food and beverage?
Yes, you would sign a lease for the amount of rental time you need for your event. You are fully liable for everything and anything that goes on and what you bring in during your time slot.

Is there any coverage on the deck or patio?
There is not an awning on either the deck or patio. We do set up umbrella's at each patio set on the deck and patio if it is not raining or high winds.

Is the set up and clean up time included in my time slot?
Ex. Minimum 3 hour events have the lease time of 5 hours.
Ex. Minimum 6 hour events have the lease time of 8 hours.

Are tents allowed?
Yes, tents are allowed during your lease time.

Where are we located?